Find out who visits your Notion pages

Add page analytics to your Notion to be closer to your users.

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Need more insights about your Notion pages?

Go beneath the surface to learn who your users are.

How many visitors do your pages get?

See what pages users visit and refine your content.

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Where are your users based?

Find out where is your largest user base.

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Collect your custom audience with Facebook Pixel and reach new people who will love your content.

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Embed Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel tracker into your Notion page and collect analytics from all over the world. 

How much time do users spend on your pages?

Engaged users spend more time on the page. Learn what type of content your visitors love.

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How It Works

  • 1

    Create a Notionlytics tracker

    Create a page view tracker and connect it to the analytics storage.

    Create tracker automatic connection
  • 2

    Embed the generated snippet

    Copy the snippet and embed it into your page. 

    Embed tracker short
  • 3

    See the results

    Once you embed the snippet into your page it will start collecting analytics.


This is why users love Notionlytics

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"Tracked a Notion page with @notionlytics and it was wow!"

Isaac Attuah

  • "Once I had my form hooked up and added to Notion, I wanted to setup some sort of tracking so I could monitor page views and conversion rates. Notionlytics does just that and had a free tier. It hooks up to your google account and gives you a nice dashboard."

    Melzar, @_Melzar
  • "Notionlytics can allow you to track views of your Notion public pages, makes it easy to embed Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel into your Notion page"

    Modern Makers, @makers_modern
  • "Con esta herramienta, podrás medir las visitas que recibes en tus páginas de Notion. Muy interesante si compartes tus páginas en la web y quieres ver cuántas visitas tienes."

    Notionología, @notionologia

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

  • Starter

    Good for beginners
    /half a year
    • ✓
      5 free trackers
    • ✓
      Google Analytics
  • Creator

    Perfect for Notion creators
    /half a year
    • ✓
      Unlimited trackers
    • ✓
      Google Analytics
    • ✓
      Facebook Pixel
    • ✓
      Multiple tracking destinations
    • ✓
      Tracker widget customization
    • ✓
      Priority support

Frequently asked questions, answered

More questions? Contact us 

  • Can I use Notionlytics for free?

    Yes, Notionlytics has a free plan with five trackers. No credit cards are required on a free plan. 

  • What is a tracker?

    A tracker is a widget embedded into your Notion page to collect analytics. 1 Notion page = 1 tracker.

  • Does using Notionlytics require analytical skills?

    No. Notionlytics is easy to use and doesn't require any analytical skills.

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  • The earlier you start, the more data you will collect. 

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