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Power up your Notion workspace with analytics insights

Notionlytics provides real-time insights into your team's productivity, collaboration, and performance. Make informed decisions and improve outcomes, even with remote or distributed teams.

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Boost performance

Add analytics to your Notion and take control of your workspace

Track your Notion workspace performance with Notionlytics, saving time and giving you a complete picture of your metrics.

Seamless integration with Notion
Notionlytics integrates with Notion for easy access to all your data and insights in one place, saving you time and helping you make better decisions.
Real-time team performance tracking
Track your team's productivity, progress, and collaboration in real-time. Identify areas of improvement and boost performance.
Workspace and page-level analytics
Track your team's performance with Notionlytics. Monitor productivity and collaboration in real-time, with granular analytics at the workspace and page-level.
Google Analytics integration
Connect your Notion workspace with Google Analytics using Notionlytics. Monitor performance with ease and understand how your team uses the platform.

We are always finding ways to reach out and track engagement. Just added Notionlytics to our toolbelt.
See how much your key documentation is getting used!

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Gain insights

All the charts and metrics you need,
in one place.

With Notionlytics, you have access to all the essential Notion workspace metrics and charts in one place.

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Session duration.
See how long users are spending on your Notion workspace and individual pages. See which documents bring your team the most value.
Top pages.
Track your team's top-performing Notion pages with Notionlytics. Identify which pages bring the most value to your team and focus your efforts on optimization.
Time of day overview.
Reveal the most active times of day for your team members. This information can help you optimize your work schedule and ensure productivity.

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Boost your performance.
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