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Delegate analytics work to Notionlytics and free up time to create new content. Gain meaningful insights into your content's performance and discover what's working and what's not.

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Boost performance

Track, analyze, and optimize your content performance

Track your content performance with Notionlytics, saving time and giving you a complete picture of your metrics.

How often are your pages viewed?
Understand how often your pages are being viewed, so you can optimize your content strategy and drive more traffic.
Where are your users located?
See where your users are located, so you can tailor your content to their preferences and reach your target audience.
What's your most engaging content?
Identify your most engaging content, so you can replicate its success and keep your audience coming back for more.
How much time do users spend on your pages?
Track how much time users spend on your pages, so you can identify which pages are holding their attention and which ones need improvement.

Grow faster

Advertise & Grow

Use knowledge about your audience to create targeted ads and grow your audience.

Gain insights into your audience.
Learn more about your audience's behavior, demographics, and interests to create content that resonates with them.
Improve advertising ROI.
Use audience insights to create more targeted advertising campaigns and improve your return on investment.
Save time and resources.
By streamlining content analysis, you can free up time and resources to focus on creating high-quality content.
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Other creators have already taken advantage of Notionlytics.

“Tracked a Notion page with Notionlytics and it was wow!”

Isaac Attuah

“Want to find out who visits your Notion pages? Try Notionlytics! It's an absolutely awesome tool for Notion! Wish I knew earlier about it😊!”


“Notionlytics is one of the best tools for checking analytics about your Notion pages. Give it a try!”


“Once I had my form hooked up and added to Notion, I wanted to setup some sort of tracking so I could monitor page views and conversion rates. Notionlytics does just that and had a free tier. It hooks up to your google account and gives you a nice dashboard.”


“We are always finding ways to reach out and track engagement. Just added Notionlytics to our toolbelt. See how much your key documentation is getting used!”

DAO Academy

“Notionlytics is a simple analytics service for Notion with which you can track page views, which countries the activity is from, time on page and users. All this is collected on a beautiful dashboard.”

Alexander Olssen

“I am now using Notionlytics on all pages to help me track usage stats and trending. I was honestly stunned when I saw how many of you are visiting from all over the 🌎”


“I'm so happy I found Notionlytics. Having my website on Notion and being able to see the traffic for all my site's pages is fantastic! 🤩 It's brilliant, and even works with Google Analytics. Love it. After getting it, and seeing the Behaviour Flow it really highlighted the weak points of my site. So gave it a complete overhaul now last night :)”

Jayden Cooke

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